Herbicide Resistance Management

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In the use of weedmaster® DST® in glyphosate tolerant cotton

Gain the full benefits of weedmaster DST by completing our easy online training to gain accreditation, and start lodging your Cottonwise Field Survey when you spray weedmaster DST

With the new registration of weedmaster DST for over the top use in glyphosate tolerant cotton, Nufarm have developed the Cottonwise® program where you, your advisor or TSP can manage applications of weedmaster DST.

The registration of weedmaster DST (and all registered glyphosate products) for over the top use in glyphosate tolerant cotton crops is granted by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). As a condition of registration, the APVMA requires that all users and potential users are familiar with the correct use of weedmaster DST and follow up weed management procedures in the event of weed escapes.

Information captured through the Cottonwise program and Cottonwise Field Surveys is used by Nufarm to assist research and identify issues regarding the development of weed resistance.

To start recording your use of weedmaster DST, simply click on the Be Cottonwise button below and start logging your usage. For returning visitors, click log in at the top right hand corner.

If you are unsure of your resistance status, prior to using weedmaster DST you or your advisor should conduct a herbicide risk assessment using an online assessment tools such as WeedSmart or the QDAFF’s online Glyphosate Resistance Toolkit.
Nufarm has developed a range of guides and specnotes designed to help get the most from your cotton crop. Click here for the latest information.

How does Cottonwise work?

  • Be Cottonwise

    To start lodging your Cottonwise Field Suverys you need to
    Create Account >

  • Learn

    Before lodging you will need to complete our easy Cottonwise weedmaster DST stewardship training program.

  • Stewardship Accreditation

    After reading our training material you will need to complete our questionnaire to gain stewardship accreditation.

  • Spray

    Apply weedmaster DST over the top in cotton according to the label.

  • Survey & Record

    Survey field for escapes and record the results in your Cottonwise account.


Nufarm Herbicide Resistance Management plan

The Nufarm approach to managing herbicide resistance weeds in glyphostate tolerant cotton crops.
Download (PDF, 264KB)

Amitrole T Herbicide Technote

A guide to the application, features, benefits and correct usage of Amitrole T herbicide in cotton crops.
Download (PDF, 2054KB)

Bouncer 960S Herbicide Technote

The Bouncer 960S Technote outlines the correct timing, application and useage rates when applied Over The Top or as a directed spray in cotton.
Download (PDF, 3829KB)

Optical Spot Spray Technology registration guide

A guide to the correct usage and application rates for a range of Nufarm herbicides, when used in conjunction with OSST spray application equipment.
Download (PDF, 2397KB)

Rifle 440 Herbicide Technote

Highlights the benefits and correct usage pattern for using Rifile 440 as a directed spray application for residual weed control in cotton.
Download (PDF, 2716KB)

weedmaster DST cotton users guide

A guide to getting the best results when using weedmaster DST, the only liquid glyphosate registered for use in cotton, including information on application rates, timing and trial results.
Download (PDF, 1080KB)

Cotton Segment Guide

Complete application guide for the range of Nufarm herbicides, insecticides and defoliants registered for use in cotton.
Download (PDF, 1961KB)